December 8, 2013

Spectating CIM -- a beautiful day!

This AM, bright and early (and colder than a witch's teat), Jen graciously picked me up at 6:05 AM at our hotel for the night (the dual hotel-home life for work continues, but we're slowly learning how to manage it...).

The plan?  Go pick up K, hit Starbucks, drive to CIM, cheer at mile 11, drive to mile 20, cheer, and then drive to the finish and cheer.  Then brunch with Jen, K & F on the Delta King. And then drive F and myself home in F's car since her legs probably wouldn't be working very well.

Execution? Not bad.  At mile 11, we cheered hard, where Jen's sign proclaiming "Run Now, Beer Later" was quite the hit.  We met up with Milf Runner and shared cheering duties for various folks.  It was COLD!

I was happy to see Paulette at mile 11, and was amused when she responded to the "How's your run going?" with a very humble "Decent..." on her way to a HUGE PR (on a recently sprained ankle!). Classy lady!

One of the most fun parts was watching the mood and the mental space for reading signs and interacting with the supporters increase as the seriousness of the running speed decreased.  In all honesty, the folks behind the 4H pace group look like they are having *way* more fun than the speedsters.

F went out fast and we missed her in the 3:40 pace group, but the runner reporting was wonderful, so we knew she'd hit the half at a half PR (not bad!) and could adjust our plans accordingly.  

We missed mile 20 due to some driving snafus, but K & Jen saw many friends at mile 11, so we were comfortable heading to 26ish to cheer on the finishers.  Once there, it was so inspirational -- we saw everyone from before the 3:10 group 'til 3:45+.  Nothing makes me want to run CIM like cheering at the CIM finish!  Perhaps next year... we'll see.

F passed us somewhere around the same time as the 3:45 pace group and as she headed for the loop to the finish, I hot-footed it in my wool knee-length coat, scarf, jeans, compression socks, long sleeve shirt, and big-ass-purse while Heisman-blocking the crowd to try to catch her at the finish.  I missed her at the finish line, but got there in time to capture the triumphant 3:45 PR post-finish energy in this awesome pic:

Overall, it was an awesome way to spend a day.  What a great race Sacramento puts on (home town pride!!!), and how fun it was to watch and support all the runners.  And, dragging my bay area peeps to Old Town Sac for some proper river steamboat restaurant post-race lunch was a perfect way to end the day!


Jen said...

I had an amazing time yesterday - thanks for the company and the restaurant recommendation! You're a very good ambassador for your home town. :)

MILF Runner said...

It was fun to meet you :) Maybe next year I come to cheer YOU on!

Paulette said...

Thanks for being there and cheering, it was awesome!

FL said...

THANKS to you, J & K for coming to cheer me on!! Awesome to have crowd support from you guys and for the long drive home too! Now, on to the next race we go!