May 29, 2003

Still Sick

Yup. Fever for the last two days. Stomach still upset. No fun. On the brighter side, I learned that my supervising attorney is VERY reasonable when it comes to taking sick leave. He looked mortified when I explained that I'd been coming in with a fever for the last two days and told me to take the rest of the day as well as tomorrow off.

He also introduced me to the concept of IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) in order to make a comparison about argument writing in responses to Office Actions. I'm sure IRAC will be covered quite extensively in legal writing and research, but the early introduction doesn't hurt at all.

So, now I'm home for the day and most likely tomorrow as well. I'll be living off of the 4-s diet: Saltines, soup, sorbet and soda. Given that I have a floppy of two assignments, I should be able to accomplish just as much at home as I could at work. Except I'll be more comfortable in pajamas.

Off to sleep.

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