July 10, 2004

I Got No Game

I started playing golf a bit last summer. I took some lessons and tried to either get to the driving range or play 9 holes about once a week. By the time school started I could regularly hit the ball over 100 yards with my irons and occasionally drove the ball closs to 200 yards.

Then school started. I haven't touched my clubs since October.

Soon, the firm is taking us on a golfing day with the partners. It's rumored that the partners attending are all quite good golfers. One partner suggested scramble or best ball format, but the others wanted to play a full 18 holes themselves. So, most of the summers are pretty sure that we will be embarrassing ourselves for 18 holes.

I went to the driving range for the first time in 8 months just to make sure. It was like starting from scratch. I took a large bucket of balls and managed to get a blister on my non-gloved hand (bought a second glove) while topping some balls, whiffing a few more, hitting several ground rollers for 20 yards, and regularly slamming the ball into the net immediately to my right and left.

So yeah, I'm going to suck at the golf course. Oh, well, I guess there's no pressure on me--barring a miracle, it's impossible for me to do anything but suck.

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