February 15, 2005

Some General Comments

Running anything more than 2.5 miles on a treadmill vaults me into a frame of reference where time dilation is damn high. Clearly, the explanation is that I'm running at near-light speeds... (Horrible. Geek joke. I'm sorry. No really, I am.) Stupid rain, means I can't run outside.

Two cases on my desk (with a big ugly social security edit to come back any day now and raise the total to three, no doubt). Both are big, dense, detailed patent disputes. I'm content and the clerks are celebrating the approach of the holiday known as handing-off-of-trash-to-the-extern-who's-been-here-enough-weeks-to-have-half-a-clue. presidents' day. Everyone wins.

E's P2 450 appears to be going the way of Renquist--all signs indicate that we may have to replace it, but we're reverent of its previous service and we don't want to talk about the approaching doom in front of the poor thing.

And finally, I filed my FAFSA last night in time for today's deadline so I didn't make the stupid mistake of last year, so, in prep, I finished my taxes. Or, I thought my taxes were done, but todays' emails from both the feds and the state inform me that my returns have been rejected. Apparently, when they ask for your "Adjusted Gross Income" from the prior year to authenticate your filing, they actually mean "what you originally claimed as your AGI before you received the 3 months late W-2 from that bankrupt good-for-nothing company you worked for" (i.e. before the amendment to your AGI, or not your 'actual' AGI, just the number you originally 'thought' was your AGI). Or, at least, I hope that's what they meant, because I'm running out of numbers to feed them.

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