August 31, 2005

We Hope New Orleans Gets Better

That was the very sincere closing line of the United Ticket agent who refunded our tickets to New Orleans. E & I had planned a weekend trip with friends in October. I was very much looking forward to it, as I had never been. E & his childhood friend, from Atlanta, were looking forward to visiting as adults.

It will never, no doubt, be the same. They knew a flood was coming. In fact, last Winter Break, in Atlanta, E & I and the friends specifically decided to go to New Orleans and stay at the Monteleone because we wanted to experience the magic one last time before the Big Easy inevitably succumbed to the forces of nature.

I never thought it would be this soon or this disastrous. I'm certain all of the inhabitants of all of the areas hit by Katrina feel my shock one-hundred fold. I've been keeping up to date by reading Ernie's posts as well as the local news.

I'm overwhelmed. We live in an age where we need not face the reality of death and the forces of nature on a daily basis. When we are reminded of the harsh reality of Mother Earth's strength, it's a bit much to take.

Best wishes to all affected.

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