September 29, 2005

I see

My job decision has come down to a list of pros and cons, on paper. No wait, make that a weighted list of pros and cons. One of the fringe benefits at one of the firms is a shower and group of runners. This means I could run at lunch or other time during the day, return to work sweaty, shower, and resume working with a fresh perspective. It also means I'm more likely to be able to keep up my running.

I was weighting this as a nice perk, but pretty far down the totem pole, all things considered.

The other day, I mentioned something about maybe not being able to run when things got hairy at work as an attorney. The following conversation ensued:

E: Oh Great. [laugh]
BT: What?
E: I think that running is the only thing that keeps you from going completely bat-shit.
BT: [laugh] What do you mean?
E: Exactly what I said. I think that running keeps you from going completely bat-shit.

Perhaps the shower/running culture needs a slightly higher weighting...

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