April 8, 2006

The good, the bad, and the ugly

This weekend promises to be filled with good food and good friends. This morning, I started my day by knocking one of the fun things off the wedding present to-do list and making myself a cappuccino with frothed milk in the Krups Espresso and Coffee maker. It was not bad. In fact, it was good. And fun.

Tonight, I'll be combining two of my favorite things into what I hope is a masterpiece. First, I'll start with a couple of hours of labor to make spinach gnocchi. Then, I'll quickly whip up a traditional pork-based carbonara sauce. It has the potential to be very good. Add that we are taking it over to the home of some of our friends to watch Cops and The Big Lebowski and, well, how can it not be good?

Sunday, we're going to a different friend's home to be fed salmon. I'm bringing my first attempt at creme brulée. The prospect of using a kitchen blowtorch is also good.

Unfortunately, as I enjoyed the cappuccino, I had to admit that my life is not all potato pillows of heaven, crusted custard and frothed milk. I needed the caffeine specifically so that I could cuddle with my IP book bright and early. That's right, it's the time of year where I get to study late into the evening on Friday and then wake on Saturday to begin anew. That's bad. Not horrid. Not terrible. But definitely not good. I'd love to put it off, but as H and I drove home on Thursday, I realized that we only have to commute to school on 12 more days. That's it. 12 days of school and then I never have to attend another day of law school classes. The end of class is exciting, but it brings with it the lovely spector of finals, which are bad.

And ugly? That would be the current weather, which stops me from running, the current state of our bathrooms, which means I get to spend one of my study breaks cleaning toilets, and my general appearance (hair, clothes, makeup) which I've pretty much completely ignored since the honeymoon. The good news is, you know with finals studying, I'm going to find plenty of time to proscrastinate with things like cleaning, beautifying, and running.

And really, all's well that ends well. In a short while the bad will be over, the good will be pleasant memories plus re-usable knowledge of how to make yummy food, and the ugly will hopefully be banished. (And Yes, I know what comes then, but I'm not thinking about it. The amount of studying I need to do in order to graduate is sufficiently annoying at the moment, thank you.)

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