January 28, 2007

1st Year Associate Inventory

Being able to financially justify staying at the business hotel in my hometown this weekend: good.

Needing to return to the business hotel and do work between my niece's 5-year old pretty princess in the park party and dinner at brother's: bad. (I guess this just goes to show, the reality of the justification is never as pretty as the mental image...)

8 easy miles of running this morning at a slow pace on my last long run before the marathon: good.

Returning to an email asking/ordering me to finish some diligence before the afternoon (read, before I would have even finished the trip home): bad.

Late night diligence: okay.

Doing diligence while munching on dark chocolate, shortcake from the French Laundry, and listening to E's collection of Aphrodite: much better.

Knowing how slammed my week is, already, and knowing that it'll probably get worse but I've got to find a way to get to my marathon and run it: interesting...

I'll let you know how it all turns out when I'm in the clear.

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