March 5, 2007

A momentary victory

Today, my friends, I accomplished something I felt like I'd never do. I actually wrote, addressed, and stamped the last 5 outstanding thank you notes that I had in my to-do pile.

You have no idea the sense of relief this gives me. I have had a list of thank you notes to write that, despite my best efforts, I could not conquer since at least December of 2006. Between the holidays, my bachellorette party, my bridal shower, the wedding, graduation, my birthday, all of the nice things people did for us for Dad, and then the holidays again... well, I just couldn't write fast enough.

I was beginning to think the paper gift bag of cards to write and cards to which I must respond was going to be a permanent fixture in my living room and on my travels.

But, shortly, I depart for vacation. And I will not be taking required correspondence.


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