September 30, 2007

Step Up

This weekend, I ran a 25K with over 2100 feet of elevation change. At 16K, I seriously considered stopping. Stubborn, the "You signed up to do the whole thing" side of me won the fight and I pressed on, crossing into the place where you have to mentally force yourself to do things that your body really doesn't want to do.

It's good practice for life, really.

But, boy am I sore.

And tired.

Regardless, it was a good hurdle to clear. My successful, if slow, completion, confirmed it for me. If I continue to be disciplined, I should be in good enough shape to continue in my plan to complete marathon number 2.

It's official. I am registered to run the oh-so-slightly-downhill California International Marathon.

So, yeah. Expect many posts of long runs. More mileage, more sleep, and, of course, completing the circle, more hunger, which means more food.

And, given that there are only 24 hours in the day, I guess that means I'm gonna have to do less work.

I like it...


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