February 24, 2008

Saturday Manic, Sunday Depressive

Saturday morning, I woke at 6 AM to beat the incoming storm. Under the cold grey skies, I ran 6 miles on my own, and then 13.5 with E2. We missed the majority of the rain and caught up over our run and subsequent brunch.

Technically, in true Jeff Galloway fashion, I didn't run the mileage straight and I didn't run it fast. Instead, I ran it with 1 minute walk breaks every mile, plus a little walking at the end to cool down. Regardless, even with the restraint, I am now *very* sore.

I'm glad I pushed through that distance, because I need to build the mental strength that is necessary for running for a long time period. And, I only have 8 weeks and 8 more long runs before the marathon to build it.

After the run, E, E2 and I headed to brunch. Then, while E took a welding class (I was jealous!) I paid bills, ordered flowers for my grandmother's get-well from surgery, arranged upcoming travel details for a bachelorette party and wedding, and cleared the personal email queue.

When E returned, bearing a T joint (Baby, I got you a gift...), we packed for the weekend's festivities, and drove to the city.

Once settled at R's (who graciously let us crash on his floor with our aerobed), we caught up with him over a 1998 bottle of Castle Merlot that he had given us in 2002.

From there, we headed to dinner with 4 of our city friends, a drink with JayKay and Clip, followed by an end of an era party for G. G is finally moving from the house where he threw his many infamous parties over the last half-decade, so to celebrate, there was one final huge party filled with costumes, dj-spinnings, dancing, alcohol, and general debauchery.

Despite my relatively good behavior when compared against the crowd at this event, I still woke this morning to a dull head and a general slowness. It is official. I am old.

So, I accepted this reality and acknowledged that today was largely a write-off. My legs were sore, so I nixed the rescheduled short run. We opted for coffee with R & L in lieu of brunch, and then we drove home, where my biggest accomplishments during the daylight hours were (1) a mexican food lunch with E, and (2) vegging on the couch while watching a silly chick-flick (can't help it, I adore AJ and have to see all of her films. Even the tomb-raiders. I know.).

Thankfully, around 4, I managed to pull myself together for a shower and a trip to the S family house to watch the Oscars, hang out with more good friends (a complete new set), most of whom I hadn't seen in months, and, of course, while there, in an effort to avoid taxing ourselves on the slow post-party day, we glued ourselves to the couch, talked shit about the Oscars, and ate pizza with wine.

All-in-all, it was a fairly successful weekend. And now, I'm off to bed in preparation for the weekly grind.

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