March 30, 2008

Postcards from the Weekend

End of Quarter

As a corporate lawyer, you would be well-advised to mark the end-of-fiscal quarter in your calendar. It is likely that you will be asked to put in some hefty last-minute fire-fighting to help your clients close some deals.


I discovered the the Crystal Springs Trail today. Slightly rolling hills, off the main road, 5.5 miles of trail along gorgeous nature preserve...what's not to like?

When I mapped out today's 20-mile route, I was looking for elevation change, low stop-light density, and proximity to lucky_girl, in case I could talk her into joining me on the last few miles for some walking. I got lucky on all 3. I did more hills this weekend than the impressive hill-work I did last weekend on my 22 mile run. I'm feeling very strong and ready to attack the not-so-hilly course in nagano.


Damn. I've never gained weight while training for a marathon. I'm certain some of it is muscle this time around. The speed training has paid off. The hill training too. I'm definitely the strongest I've ever been, as a runner. But, the 4-visits to mexican food this week are certainly not helping...

Also, Mexican lentil soup as adapted by me (thai peppers instead of jalapenos, spanish shrimp bouillon instead of broth) a la Diana Kennedy rocks.

General Thoughts

I can't wait to go on vacation. I'm like a little kid, bouncing off the walls. That is all.

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