April 6, 2008

Can't move...digesting

We just got back from a ridiculous Sonoma food and wine weekend, and I'm finally almost done reading the appropriately titled, The Man Who Ate Everything.

I'll break the rehash of the amazing weekend into mini-posts, but suffice it to say, my priorities are thus: When Sonoma with out-of-town guests goes up against marathon training, Sonoma wins.

Saturday's long run of 12 miles did not happen. Not Saturday. Not this morning. And, despite my opting out of drinks at the bar this afternoon, not even this evening, because while I had hoped I could fit it in before nightfall, I'm still too full to run.

So, now I'm looking forward to tonight's healthy recovery of yoga and maybe some broth, followed by early sleep and 12 miles of running at sunrise, before my 8 AM conference call.

Then several days of light food, easy runs, and preparation for the big trip, where we'll be heading to a country that coined the word Kuiadore, roughly translated as To ruin oneself with food, or eating to surfeited collapse.

Right up our alley.

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