July 23, 2008

Summer Girl

Summer has always been my favorite season.

I love the sun. The late bedtimes. The feeling that it's always almost time to relax and have a barbeque. But, I must say, tomatoes have become one of my favorite things about summer:


All but the three huge professional-looking heirlooms came from our garden. I am SO proud.

Also, the one lonely okra on the left is to show that our okra from seeds experiment was successful. We managed to grow at least one, and if the buds are to be believed, several more are in the wings.

Foodwise, I may love autumn harvest more than summer foods, but seasonally speaking -- I love the heat, the sun and the tomatoes. And, in the midst of family drama, work drama, and all of that jazz, the calm and slowly evolving life of our garden (especially the tomatoes) brings me more joy this summer than I could have imagined.


Arvay said...

Those are gorgeous!

Miss E. said...


Beanie said...

Wow! Tomato-ness personified!