September 13, 2008

Almost time for bed

I got home about an hour ago.

I've been powering through an in-person negotiation for a relatively big deal for one of my clients over the last few days and putting everything else in my life on hold.

This means working 'til 1 Am on Wednesday and getting up at 5:30 for a 6 AM call to start Thursday. Sending a redline at 8:15. Trying to cram in a full day's work in 3 hours. Going in person to negotiate from noon 'til 1 AM and making E call a cab to take him to the airport for a 10:50 flight, because I just couldn't get home to take him in time.

When I finally did come home, I was welcomed by visiting friends who had to let themselves in via hide-a-key. I said hello briefly and then sent a few work emails.

I slept briefly, but on edge. And then I woke. Energized and over-stimulated.

I wondered in amazement at the perfect timing of guests -- they eat breakfast, and brought doughnuts! Ordinarily, I don't eat 'til lunch, but given that I kind of skipped the food at the negotiation, and the lack of sleep... yeah. Thanks R!

Today was more of the same. After less than 5 hours sleep, wake to try to finish another day's worth of work in 3 hours. A pre-negotiation conference call. Negotiations on-site for 13.5 hours. And finally, we have the final document. We toast with bourbon (Yuck!) and the parties shake hands. We'll see if the boards actually approve it...

Finally, I'm home. Tired. But still needing to wind down (and hence blogging).

I don't have spells like this very often. But, when I do, I'm amazed at my lack of need for sleep in the face of the adrenaline. I really do love my job. I love being trusted with so much power (even though half of the time the companies I represent don't realize just how much I could do to help or hurt them).

It doesn't hurt that E is gone this weekend. So, I get the best of both worlds -- Tons of distraction from E's absence by work that I enjoy, which when he's home, I often resent because it takes me from him.

I suspect that when the buzz of the fun in-person negotiations to help a small company close (I hope!) an important deal wears off, I'll be less thrilled about the remaining hours of make-up work I have this weekend.

But, right now, at 4:20 AM on a Saturday (which means I worked straight through Friday night). I'm very happy with my career choice and I like my job. Like I said, I don't have to do this that often. But, when I do, I learn a ton, I feel very useful, and I enjoy myself.

I think that says quite a bit about both me, and the type of person who would be happy in my job.

All you potential transactional attorneys -- take note!

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