December 27, 2008

My Desires

Things I want:

1. To edit my blog posts so that I publish writing I am proud of as opposed to off the cuff, non-literary, stream-of-semi-consciousness crap.
2. To start a local restaurant selling local treats from our Asian trip. I know it would be a success--it is my short-term back-up plan if my firm lays me off.
3. To speak Spanish fluently. Pimlseur is helping. But not fast enough. All of the Spanish speakers I encounter speak English better than I speak Spanish.
4. To do more pro-bono legal work.
5. To read more good books.
6. To work out more and to be in better shape.
7. To laugh more often and to take life less seriously because it is short and I may as well enjoy it.
8. To cook more good food.
9. To be a better friend and family member -- to be there for folks in the way that they need me, not in the way that I *want* them to need me.
10. To be a better wife.

It would appear that my New Year's Resolution should be to find a way to stretch time, since if I can do that #1-10 would be much more feasible...


Anonymous said...

I would like to get plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... that one, to me, seems attainable. Figure out how much it would cost and where you can cut expenses each month and what the best interest bearing savings account or short-term CDs you can find will pay, and voila, 2 years from now, you could likely afford it.