June 2, 2009

June Showers

Tonight, it broke into a 10-minute loud rain that stopped all conversation around 9 PM.

June? Heavy rain? In Silicon Valley?

Crazy. And yet, true.

Just now, it started lightly showering again.


The plants should be happy.

Update (23:42 PST): The heavy rains are back... this is so odd.


The Enforcer said...

So odd, indeed! DJC and I awoke to LOUD thunder and rain this morning.

Thunder and lightning...in California...in JUNE.

So odd.

[No Nickname] said...

Seriously. What's next? Frogs?

Arvay said...

It's high 80s here, day after day. I feel like a hot dog. Heating, sweating, and getting swollen. Sexy, no?

By the way, I figured out what was up with that rash--it was an allergic reaction to this antiseptic ointment I was using. So that's why my latest mosquito bites were enormous--I put that crap on there and made them so. Then I put the crap on a scratch I got from hiking, and the scratch swelled up, so I figured, this stuff is not good.