August 4, 2009

Some Beautiful Goals

I haven't trained for a race in a long time. My runs have ranged between 12 - 30 miles per week, and I ran a leisurely, not really trained half in April, but really, the last race I *trained* for was the San Francisco Marathon, over a year ago. [Update: I actually forgot about the Forest of Nicene Marks Half I ran with E2 in June, but I think that makes my point about how seriously I've been training...]

So, to counteract that, I've registered for two local, gorgeous fall races with the hopes of actually getting back into training:

My favorite local fall half marathon (that I haven't missed in well over 4 or 5 years now)


The Big Sur Half -- which has been on my todo list for quite some time.

Here's to hoping that the long term goals will help me find some short term focus (something that has been lacking...)

And, if I'm doing really well, I just may dig deep and find it within myself to register for the Atlanta Marathon (and if not, definitely the half).

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