September 5, 2009

Editing Legal Contracts in Word

I'm chilling in the ICU watching brother sleep peacefully and doing some work (because the hospital has free wireless!).

Currently, I'm spending hours going through a 48 page contract that has 12 versions of edits in track changes. No one wanted to man-up and do the work to accept or reject the trail to create a clean version.

Technically, with our last call and responding document, we all agreed that it was the other side's responsibility to respond to our draft with a clean version.

Instead, their in-house counsel populated the document with oh-so-helpful comments attached to every change, like, "We accept this edit," or "We reject this edit."



Why, if you were in-house counsel, would you not just click accept or reject? Why create a comment and type it in? It was more work for them and now it's more work for me because I have to both accept or reject, AND delete the comments.

My client is not going to like the billable hours total on this project...


Anonymous said...

I really think it's an user interface issue with Microsoft Word.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your journal for quite some time now and I feel like I know you through your eloquent words. I can't imagine what you're going through with your brother, but I'm certain that there are MANY people like me who are thinking of you at this time and who wish there were some more concrete way to help you and your family get through it. It's wonderful that you have work you enjoy to relieve your focus some.

[No Nickname] said...


Thanks so much for your comments.

I agree with #1 -- Word, as an interface is amazingly sub-par.

#2 -- thanks for your kind words. The amount of support I have been receiving from my friends, employer, colleagues, acquaintances, and even the anonymous blogosphere have overwhelmed me. People are so supportive. It makes me proud to belong to the sapiens species.