February 12, 2010

The Last Push

I'm up early, busting my butt to finish entirely too much work this week.

Yesterday, I received a call from a client informing me that I'll be needing to finish a project for him over the weekend.

And Monday? The holiday? I'll be working that day too.

All of this is part of my commitment to leave the firm on the best terms I could. Things are busy, which is great for them. And a colleague in my group is out on paternity leave, so there's more work than normal to be divided in his absence.

So, I'm buckling down and being a team player who bills like crazy to get the work done.

But it's very difficult to be working on getting my new firm up and running while managing the transition of my existing firm clients to new associates and to be simultaneously getting the work they need me to do done.

I'll be very excited when I can focus entirely on my new firm. Oh, and my marriage, and family, and friends and health, and all the other little things that I've let fall quite a bit by the wayside lately.

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