May 9, 2010

A Sort-of-Hellish Sunday

After Yesterday's Bliss, I should have known I was in for a long day.

But, I had no idea, so I woke at a reasonable hour and put on my workout clothes and tried to lace my new running shoes from Zappos. Alas, the top right eyelet was broken on my left shoe. So, I sat at the computer, printed a return label, packaged up the shoes for return, and put on my old shoes.

Then, it started to rain.

So, instead of the planned workout, I started the day by filing an amendment to our taxes due as a result of receiving a corrected form 1099-Div from Ameritrade. 2 hours and multiple forms later, we were entitled to $8 from the Feds, and $3 from the state. I would have just let them keep the money if I could have kept my 2 hours. Seriously...

In the course of updating our forms, some financial investigations led me to realize that paying quarterly taxes wasn't just a requirement this year (which I knew), but we were *already late*, since I earned money in March, which is Q1, and estimated payments for Q1 were due in April. Good times.

So, I calculated those, printed the vouchers, and had the fun conversation with E about the big check we needed to write, like a month ago, (and the upcoming one of equal value in 5 weeks).

Somewhere in there, I fit in a quick trip to the farmer's market in the rain. Sadly, I confirmed that the good tomatoes are just not available yet.

At least I got some good asparagus spears, delicious strawberries, swiss chard, dill & fresh bread! Oh, and a kumamoto oyster from the fresh shucked-in-front-of-you oyster tent -- I consoled myself from the rain and taxes with the treat and justified it by reminding myself that oyster season would be over soon.

Where was I? Oh, yes, lamenting about my horrid day. Ignore the blissful break of the farmer's market and feel sorrow for me as I returned to my office and sat before the beast of Quickbooks for at least 5 hours. For about 4 weeks (February-ish), I incurred expenses on behalf of the business before I had a business bank account or business credit card. Reconciling and accounting for, and repaying myself for those amounts was the exact opposite of fun, I assure you. I am now very understanding of the reason for ridiculously detailed expense reports. I cannot wait to have enough business to justify handing the bookkeeping back to my bookkeeper.

Anyways, in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn't that bad of a day at all. Taxes are paid, tax payments and future due dates are known (instead of unknown dreads), bookkeeping is current, shoes will be returned and new ones are on their way, and while the run didn't happen, I did manage to fit in a 4 mile walk while chatting with R.

In short, it was a productive day, but nowhere near as cool as yesterday.

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