March 26, 2011

Can I have a Back-Up Camp?

When I informed her that I'd found a lego-mania camp for her summer visit, my almost not but thankfully still child-niece, sweet juvenile meaning-giving love of my live, asked me innocently, "Can we have a back-up camp?"

Perhaps this had something to do with last summer, when I sold the idea of lego-mania camp in May, only to call and find out that they all were booked, and then I booked her for gymnastics and rock-climbing camp (which was run by a former college gymnast colleague of mine and she appreciated and attacked with appropriate vigor).

If we are honest, her request may also be attached to my sale of "space camp" the year prior, only to learn it was no longer a local option at Moffett Field despite the signs on the road when you exited the 101, but rather, the camp was only in Alabama.

Regardless, the phone call, when you say, "I've got 8/1 (August 1) marked off for you to come and stay with us for lego camp," and she says, "Uhhh... ummm... if that doesn't work, can I have a back-up camp to go to pottery camp? And, I think I may have schoool..."

And I realize -- Oh shit: Last year. Your dad was paralyzed and you were dealing with it. You, a child, learned to think about things that are out of your control. We didn't get around to putting you in the lego camp we promised. You ended up in rock climbing camp and gymnastics camp. That would have been my heaven, by you are taller and less bendy, and more social and creative. You, adorably polite, never let us know, but you probably wished it were lego camp every day (which had been fully booked by the time we managed to schedule it... not this year, captain lego-mania!)

In short, NO. You may not have a back-up camp. Lego-mania is booked for you, my dear. And we are excited to have you as our guest. (Also, we'll go to color me mine with friends, so if anyone is interested, let us know.).


Meg said...

Is there any possibility that she would really actually prefer pottery camp?

Biting Tongue said...


It's possible, but she's really quite crazy about legos and has been asking to go to this camp for years.

Also, there is no local pottery camp that I could find.

Arvay said...

Yay for the lego kid!