April 3, 2011

Momentum Building

This week's long run was 15 miles. I haven't ran 15 miles (or more) in a single run since my last marathon, the San Francisco Marathon, in August of 2008.

So, completing 15 in one run feels like a huge milestone.

Today, I cleared it quite easily thanks to the weather and a new friend. I know V from lawyer networking in the bay area, but she's up here now, working for MSFT. She emailed me to let me know she's training for a half in May and looking for a weekend running buddy. Done!

We agreed that she'd try to join me on my medium length runs on the weekends. This weekend, we planned to meet up at Pioneer Park for a medium run on Sunday.

Yesterday, howevever, the weather was not on my side. So, I decided to hit the treadmill for a medium run on Saturday, and to fit our joint run into the middle of my long run on Sunday.

It worked perfectly. It was a little less than 7 miles from our place to the park entrance and because I knew I was meeting someone, I didn't let myself drop the pace -- I put in a nice solid 7 miles and arrived at exactly the moment V's car passed the entrance. Once we met up, we did a very enjoyable and amusing (muddy, a few adventures in getting lost) 5 miles. From there, V kindly drove me back to the main I-90 trail entrance where I did my remaining 3+ miles and then walked back to the apartment to cool down. 1 pre-run latte, 2 gus, some water, a post-race shower and lunch of Greek food, and I feel great.

In fact, the most sore part of my body right now is a strange collection of muscles including my right triceps, the muscle that does external rotation in my right forearm, and my right latissimus dorsi. WTF? I noticed it yesterday and asked E if he had any ideas -- nothing. But today, on my arrival back from the run, he asked, did you say your arm hurt? (while rubbing his right triceps and lat).

I laughed out loud. Once I saw that he was sore in the same areas, I knew exactly what had happened. Friday night date at the Arcade was apparently a little too aggressive on the air hockey and the ski-ball. Comedy.

In other news, my weekly mileage hit 39.59. Washington definitely seems to be agreeing with me and my running goals right now. Onward!

Marathon Countdown? 8 weeks to go.

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