February 14, 2012

10-day Bikram Challenge: Day 9

8 AM class was the only option that worked with my schedule.

So, I managed to motivate for the early wake up, packed street clothes, busted through the entire series with something bordering on ease, and then showered and headed out for my day.

I pushed to the deepest I've gone in many of the poses, in particular, the backbends. Camel still gave me a bit of trouble with some dizziness, but overall, I was much more comfortable than I have been.

I spent much of the class being thoroughly impressed by a woman in her 60s who was struggling through her first class. She did amazingly well and stayed in the room for the entire 90+ minutes despite her friend's quick exit after pranayama breathing.

And now, I can't believe tomorrow is day 10.

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