March 25, 2012

The Oakland Running Festival Kicks Ass

I ran the Oakland Half Marathon today with two friends.

It was the farthest I'd ran since CIM 2011.

I expected a sopping wet, raining, run-walk slodge of a race from an event that is only on its 3rd anniversary.

Instead, I was rewarded with some of the best crowd support, community pride, local home-made entertainment, and just general awesomeness I've ever experienced at a race (and this one is *tiny* compared to some of the large races I've run).

The weather's cooperation (overcast but dry) coupled with the environment encouraged M and W and I to push ourselves to a much faster finishing time than we had planned with smiles on our faces. If that isn't the sign of a good race, I don't know what is.

Today's half marks 26 half marathons completed for me. Less than the numbers reported by hard core runners, but, enough that I have a clue about what your average runner likes and enjoys.

My prediction? If they stay on track (and perhaps manage to mediate the elevation in the full marathon), the Oakland running festival will build an awesome community experience that rivals some of the best and biggest local pride running events in the country.

I'm already blocking off next year on the calendar. I can't wait!

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