April 28, 2013

Running Week Recap

This was supposed to be my first *real* running week since the SLO Marathon.

Even so, work and life (and gardening) got in the way more than expected, so I didn't get to fit in any Bikram, and only fit in 3 workouts.

Wed -- return to the track. This workout felt great and it was so fun to catch up with F, D, and to meet newcomer A. Again, I was impressed with F's obvious natural talent (and improvement each week). And, as for myself, it wasn't half bad for post-marathon legs: 0.94 mi jogging uphill w/u @ 11:53 from the car to the track and then around a bit. 300 pickup w/u with each 100 at the following mile paces: 9:03; 8:00; 6:49. 5 X 400 (1:54; 1:53; 1:55; 1:54; 1:54) 30s - 1m recovery; 5 minutes jogging; 1 X 200 @ 45 seconds; another 5 minutes jogging and then 0.74 walk c/d back to the car. [4.24 miles total]

PM workout: 1 mile TM walking a 4% grade reading a book. I'm heavy for me right now, so I need to incorporate more low-intensity aerobic work into my life in addition to being a bit more disciplined about my caloric intake. Walking with a book on an incline is one of my favorite ways to get in some easy negative calories. I'm going to try to get this one into the rotation more often.

Friday -- botched long run with F, but still a good work-out.

I had a great plan -- run 1.7 miles to the trail, join F for 10ish miles of her 17 mile run, and then run home. For some reason, I didn't think of this as a proper long run that required any fuel, or planning other than making sure I had my coffee and time to use the restroom in the AM.

It started out perfectly. I ran the first mile at 10:30, and the next 0.7 at 9:30/mile pace. I stopped, as planned, at the water fountain, drank some water, and started stretching, doing yoga and pushups, dips, abwork, etc. In an effort to ensure I didn't miss F, I'd arrived about 10 minutes early. Due to an unscheduled restroom break, she arrived 10 minutes later than planned. These 20 minutes of calisthenics and stretching were not remotely included when I thought of how this run would play out. Also, in other news, my arms are *still* sore...

F and I had a great first 5 miles together, most right on target for 10ish/mile, but all of a sudden, I found it hard to keep even a 10:30/mile. I struggled through mile 6, but it was clear I was dragging F, *and* it was clear to me that I was only going to continue to get slower. I told her to go on.

I tried to soldier on for a while, but I could barely muster 11 min/mile. I was hot and nauseous. I realized (too late), that I'd been out, working out in the direct sun on an empty stomach, with only water fountains to offer refreshment for 1h40 minutes and I still had 4 miles left. I had one Gu chomp from F, but I really didn't feel like I needed or wanted electrolytes or fuel. Even once the nausea and burping set in, my brain didn't seem to understand what I needed (although I did realize I was getting sunburnt, which certainly wasn't helping matters).

Just like that, after 7.7 pretty good, steady miles (I felt like I was holding back) I was completely done. After a few attempts to restart running, it became apparent that if I wanted to keep running, it would have had to have been high 11 minute miles, or possibly 12s or even 13s. I did *not* feel that I had any benefit to gain by slogging through the remainder of the mileage at those paces.

So, I chalked it up to re-learning the lesson from the Training Run From Hell, turned on my audiobook and walked home. Even so, it took about an hour after arriving home, drinking grapefruit juice (and pickle juice! Yay Sodium) before I felt remotely normal again.

Saturday, I flew to Maui to join my sis, her husband and my adorable nephew, so no running. This AM, I did about 4 miles total walking and running with my thirty pound nephew in the stroller while my sister and her husband went snorkeling.

Total mileage for the week: 20.5ish.

In other running news, due to unexpected work issues for E, we had to cancel the China trip, so I will not be running the Great Wall Half Marathon. I'm disappointed about missing the race, but not overly so. The more I'd learned about the pollution (not to mention H7N9), the more concerned I'd become about whether this was a good plan or not.

The current plan is to reschedule the trip and just go hike a portion of the wall in the absence of the race. Please send me good vibes for being able to get some of the pre-paid race package fees refunded...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about China trip cancellation! Sending you good refund vibes!!

F said...

Sorry we were so late meeting up last Friday! I did not anticipate running as slow as I did or needing to make a detour for the restroom. There's often an unexpected occurrence when one needs to be somewhere at a precise time (Murphy's Law!), hence my initial concern with meeting you mid-route. Anyway, I truly enjoyed my run with you and wished you had more of my GU given how you felt later! Hope you left Maui refreshed! See you out there! :D

[No Nickname] said...

F, no worries at all. It was obviously a possibility, and I did a terrible job planning overall.