July 3, 2013

Working Remotely

Sometimes, I get frustrated with my job's ability to be done everywhere (and clients' expectations of the same).

Last night, after two flights, 4 hours of time zone change, several hours of work, and some dinner and drinks with good friends and wonderful views I was convinced that I truly was on vacation and shouldn't have to work. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and figure out what time zone I was in when I woke up.  Instead I had to fight with our friends' wi-fi (and rely upon E for tech support when he'd rather be sleeping too) so I could send out the finishing touches on a  client's must-sign SF lease before going to bed.  Side note -- apparently getting SF office space is harder than adopting an infant these days.

Other times, I feel like the freedom to work remotely is one of the coolest things ever.  Like this morning, working from our friends' balcony.  Yeah.  If I had to actually take vacation days I probably wouldn't be able to be here right now.  This isn't too bad.

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