September 28, 2013

A Goreous Day on Santa Cruz Bay

We were supposed to go camping this weekend.

But, due to E's broken foot, we decided camping was too much, so we visited E2 & J in Santa Cruz instead.  They made us an awesome dinner of ceviche and sausage on Friday and we talked and laughed over wine 'til it was time to sleep.  Saturday, after E2 and I enjoyed a lovely walk to Verve, they took us out on their Boston Whaler to go try our luck with the fish.

Apparently, we got lucky with the water and weather.  Even though we didn't head out 'til 9 AM, it was still nothing but glass and sunshine.  (If you zoom in, you can see the Santa Cruz boardwalk)  

It was so peaceful and pleasant.

J baited the lines and we all relaxed, enjoying the sounds and sights of the seagulls, geese, sea lions, dolphins, sea otters (so cute!!!), and, of course, the vermillion rock fish we caught (we threw it back).

I feel like I already had a full weekend and it's only Saturday afternoon!

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