October 23, 2013

Running Update

Last week, I managed 23 miles and a Bikram class while traveling.

Most of the mileage was walking in Barcelona.

But I did fit in a run to, through, and from Park Guell. Note to runners: the park is at the top of a big hill. Once you've ran up the hill through the old walled city, you will find that the top entrance to the park is actually at the top of a very large staircase that no one will be taking except you, crazy runner. Instead, all the tourists will ride the escalator in lieu of 100+ stairs and will stare as you oh-so-slowly pass them, one at a time.

Once stateside, I fit in an expected run with E's dad.  We chatted while doing a leisurely 3 mile loop, and on the run, he informed me it was his first run since July, so I felt happy to be part of the reason he got back in his shoes.

This week, home, and I'm trying to eat healthy to compensate for the face stuffing of Spain and to get in a good workout week.  Monday I did a nice easy 3.5 miles with another 0.5 walking cooldown.  Yesterday, I suffered through a brutal Bikram class.

To prove to myself that I was committed to getting back in shape, I sucked it up and bought a new Garmin.  Went for the 310XT this time.

Today, I was able to re-join my track group for the first time in a long time.  The workout was 6-8 X 800, so I picked a very easy pace of 8:45 and agreed to go, assuming I'd struggle through 6 and call it a good workout. 

But, as often happens with workout partners, my plans changed.  F was running 3:57 - 3:50 800s and D decided to do 400s, pacing her on the first lap and then recovering 'til F started the next 800.  I decided to come along with D for the fun, and what do you know? 1.75 miles @ approximately 8:00/mile pace, plus a 200 and 100 (starting and ending F's last 800) at a sub 7:00/mile pace.

Fast running!  It's been so long.  I'm so thankful for the track group.  There's no way I would have pushed myself this hard on my own.  6 miles including almost 2 miles of *hard* work.  I expect to be *very* sore tomorrow.


F said...

Wish I could've joined you on that step climb and even more for the food you got to eat on this trip! So glad to have you back at track and looking forward to the next time you can join us again. I was happy to be able to average mostly 3:45's but will take heed not to push it too hard at this stage of training. It's awesome when you give me a run for my money on the last 50m to get me to push it just a little more. LOVE IT!

bt said...

@F -- you are such a fun run buddy. I already loved having you in my life, but the surprise run bonus is so awesome!

L.A. Runner said...

Congrats on a good workout! Love that high/sorta sore feeling after a track session. Let us know how you like the new Garmin.

Angela Knotts said...

I just got a new 310XT a few weeks back! Loving it so far -- curious to hear how you like it.