November 11, 2013

The 400m "Jogging Track" That Wasn't

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a huge Hyatt fan.  I generally structure my business and recreational travel around Hyatt hotels and very much enjoy the Hyatt Rewards program -- I'm kind of like an unpaid evangelist as I've convinced many of my friends to sign up.

However, I was *shocked* to see what passes for a 400m jogging track at your Hong Kong Grand Hyatt property.  You bill a 400m jogging track as one of the amenities on your website for this property, but truly, I encourage you to try to access it and evaluate whether that is the correct name for it.  I would assert that it is not.

In support of my assertion, I would point out that the staff doesn't know what you are talking about when you ask about the "jogging track" (and rightly so).  They point you to the fitness center -- at which point, if you insist that there is a "jogging track" you are guided to a stone/tiled path around the pool and 11th story outdoor shared facilities with elevation changes and right angles that goes through areas where other hotel patrons could be and should be enjoying the facilities.  Essentially, it would be idiotic to jog or run on this path.

I was severely disappointed.  I'd strongly recommend taking this amenity off the website as the only people who care about it, are likely people like me, who think you mean a true 400m track, or something fairly close to it.  People like me are likely to be excited at the prospect of what they think a 400m jogging track should be, and, well, it's just not that.  This is fine.  You have a lovely fitness center at the property.  Just don't over-promise and all will be well. 


Update:  The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong staff got back to me via three (3!) different staff members, thanked me for my feedback, explained that they completely understood why I was disappointed and that they had measured the path and found it to be exactly 400m, but hadn't considered that calling it a 400m jogging *track* would result in such confusion.  They assured me that they would consider updating the language and thanked me again.  THAT, my friends, is awesome customer service.  I feel much better knowing that someone like me may be saved the disappointment I experienced. 


FL said...

BUMMER!!!!! That said, at least the other fitness facilities were good.

Biting Tongue said...

@FL -- yes. It was comical, actually. So that was fun.