January 16, 2014

Washington Tidbits

I'm in Eastern Washington right now, helping my sis out with her kids while her husband is on night duty for his residency.

On my flight over, I had a layover in Seattle, and on take-off from SEA-TAC, the mountain was out:

(Apparently the difference between the beat frequency of this prop and the scan frequency of my camera wasn't too bad.  But if you're curious about that random sliver of an almost propeller blade in the photo, check out the random photos that can occur and the explanation therefor.)

In other news, apparently Frozen Fog is a thing.

It looks like this (it can be accompanied by minor snow flurries) and it makes it very difficult to drive:


Angela Knotts said...

I only learned about the frozen fog phenomenon from visiting my boyfriend's family in Spokane! There they call it whore-frost, which I find hilarious & awesome.

bt said...

LOL. That's a great name.