February 28, 2014

8 Weeks 'til the next Half

So I registered for the SLO half marathon.

I desperately needed a goal. The Kaiser half was my last goal. And it successfully got me out of my slovenliness.  But, I needed a new goal to actually try to regain my former status as somewhat fit.

I'd originally hoped to do the Oakland Half Marathon for the third year in a row. Such a great race. But, family travel killed that plan.

So, here I am.  Registered for a race in my Dad's hometown instead. 8 weeks away.  Last week's long run was 8 miles, so I have distance on my side.

I have a good feeling.

I've got a tentative training schedule in excel that involves consistent long runs on the weekends, some HITT in the shorter weekend runs, and some yoga, a track day a week, and good easy running days to round it out on the calendar.

Also, after today's visit to the doctor and the reality of my BMI, I'm more committed than normal to some very healthy eating -- yikes.

My goals are simple:

1. To Finish.
2. To Finish in less time than it took me to finish Kaiser SF (the course in SLO is *much* more demanding).

Based on how my training goes, I'll likely add more specific time goals closer to the event.

It feels good to have running goals again.  I look forward to seeing how these 8 weeks play out.

Happy Running, Friends!  


Jen said...

You'll be missed at Oakland. Good luck with your training!

bt said...

@Jen, thanks. Keep your eyes open for Fio and her whole crew

Jen said...

Oh, cool! I'll definitely look for Fio. Is she running the half or the full?

FL said...

I'm running the Half and will look out for you, Jen!

Jen said...

@FL: Yay! You'll be done for a LONG time before I cross the finish line... good thing they're serving beer and wine at the finish. :)