April 9, 2014

Double Duty

First there was the pyrex incident that killed our garbage disposal.  So, we're scraping by without one (for the first time in my life, actually) until we finish the kitchen remodel.

Then, a day or so ago, our washing machine decided to die mid-cycle.

(I think water-based appliances may be going on strike at our house).

But, I can't really complain.  We bought the cheapest washer and dryer that Sears would sell us 11 years ago and we haven't had a single problem.

The real issue was, why did it have to die mid-cycle?  These clothes were sopping wet. 

So, yesterday, instead of my run, I hand-wrung the clothes and found a new purpose for the tomato cages:

Thank goodness this didn't happen in late summer when the cages would all be occupied by 6 foot tall plants!


Jen said...

How environmentally conscious of you!!

Also, I can't believe this is the first time you've lived without a garbage disposal. Our new place is the first time I've had one since moving to California 9 years ago! (And I'm loving it!!)

bt said...

@Jen -- remind me to tell you a hilarious story about realizing that *some* food can actually go down a non-garbage-disposal drain...