November 30, 2014

2 Weeks

Last week was a catch-up week at home, and then we headed out, yet again, this time to London, for Thanksgiving with a friend's family and a wedding.

Before we headed out, I had a light running week (approx 10 miles), but multiple gym workouts (up to 3X10 pushups), and I actually made it to the local track workout (holy soreness Batman!) and the yoga studio.

I pushed my "long" run from last week to Monday and ran a very slow 8 miles. And then we got on the plane...

Total miles run and workouts in England?  0.

I haven't gone this long without a proper workout in a very long time (6 days!).  We were busy with traveling, packing, unpacking, cooking, visiting, wedding festivities, and a bit of sight-seeing.  The gym and/or a run just never made it into the todo list.  It's interesting, actually.  When we're working and traveling, I find it very easy to fit in workouts.  It is a priority that ranks fairly highly and I make it happen.  But, when actually traveling for social/fun reasons, the priority drops severely.

So, I have a big pile of clean workout clothes to unpack.

A few highlights from this trip:

-the pub lunch where we ordered haloumi and it came fried like fish & chips

Old Bull and Bush by Hampstead Heath
 -watching the sunset from the London Eye

On the walk over. From the pedestrian bridge across the Thames

 -Thanksgiving with friends in a foreign country

-The wedding

And now, I'm looking forward to being home for several weeks, eating light and increasing my mileage while continuing to hit the gym, track workouts, and the yoga studio.


Cathryn said...

I need more London photos!!

No stress about not running whilst you're away, sometimes it's good to take a break and 'reset' your legs. You did miss out, not running on Hampstead Heath though!! And fried halloumi?? Oh yes!

bt said...

@Cathryn -- London is so photogenic! I loved it. And yes, my college roommate informed me that I missed out. I'll have to come visit again and run in the heath with her.