March 3, 2015

The Score to My Footsteps

I've been *devouring* audiobooks so far this year.  Most days, I look forward to housechores and running (and sometimes driving) so that I can enjoy these great words.

Here's a list in case you're looking for some good options.

Still in it, but this is the one that encouraged me to post.  Best known as the front-woman for Sonic Youth (who toured for 30 years), her story is amazing.  So many great quotes.  Very thoughtful self-awareness and analysis.

One of the more impressive literary works I’ve enjoyed in a long time.  Reminded me at times of Infinite Jest, but less crazed and more cohesive (and no sports).  I can see why this won the Pulitzer and I’m glad I finally made time for it.

Highly recommended.  Eddie’s voice is unique and strong.  Contrary to his constant assertion that he doesn’t feel totally American, I felt like his story was *exactly* American.  Immigration.  Child abuse and familial love. Upward financial mobility. Struggle with identity. Humor.  Also, I love it when audio-book authors read their own works and make themselves laugh.  Which he often does.

I’d never read this one or seen the movie.  Glad that I did as the story is a bit more complex than I had been led to believe.  Definitely still tragic.  But also has some beauty.

 2nd book in the Rosie series.  A romp through more mature relationship issues.

 Ahhh.. The Aussie accent.  Who doesn’t love it?  This adorable love story is about a professor with asperger’s syndrome trying to find his way through the dating world.  Fun and Enjoyable. 

 A family mystery.  Well done.  Sad.  Not too fast moving, but a fine accompaniment to slow runs.

What Alice Forgot
 A clever plot device – a woman in the middle of a divorce wakes up with 10 years of her memory lost and can’t understand the person she’s become.  Also more Australian accents.

 Good memoirs from the hilarious funnyman.  Roughly what you’d expect.

 This book blew me away.  Jeannette Walls’ voice and writing is so evocative of the landscape of her past.  This book is great for anyone who wonders whether their authentic story will find an audience who understands.


Jen said...

T and I have been watching Fresh Off the Boat (the show) and we really like it! The pilot was just so-so, but all of the characters are well-written and well-acted. I'm curious to read the book to see how it compares (and contrasts).

bt said...

@jen -- thanks for the review of the FOTB series. It's on my short list of things we may choose to watch. So thanks!