August 22, 2015

Well Played, Heidelberg

View of the Old Bridge over the Neckar and some of the Old town from the funicular above the Castle.  So picturesque.
I was excited for our trip to Europe.  But, truth be told, the long flight with connections, the jet lag, and the reality that I'd be stuck in a hotel working while E was away at the conference all day during the work week meant that while I'd rather take the trip with E than stay home without him, Germany (where I don't love the food nor speak the language) didn't have me as beside myself as the last couple of Europe work trips.  I mean, no offense to Germany, but the last couple of Europe trips hadn't exactly stacked the deck fairly with Paris/Switzerland and Amsterdam/Barcelona.


Shows what I know.

The food was full of pleasant surprises.
German Cordon Blue.  Guy who ordered this is Southern.  He was in heaven.
Schweinebraten mit Semmelknodel und rotkraut.  You know, a light meal.  Not breaded and fried.
Spinatknodel (aka spinach and cheese dumplings -- umm, why didn't anyone tell me there were amazing German vegetarian delicious treats?)
In case you were worried that the stereotype of sausage everywhere wasn't true, I've added E's Currywurst lunch at a highway restaurant between Heidelberg and Prague.  Not pictured:  my lovely roast-vegetable and cheese open-faced sandwich.
Thanks to the slower work week, I was able to fit in several sight-seeing trips, including a half day of touristy fun with E.

Just an average sunset walk back to the hotel in this beautiful city.

View of the city from far above at the top of the funicular chain. 

Headed back down to town.
For lunch on our site-seeing day, we sat and enjoyed stereotypical German treats from the inside of a renaissance castle.

Heidelberg Castle

Just a delicious lunch of pretzels, kasespaetzle (German Mac&Cheese), bratwurst, and salad.  Mit Bier und Wein.
The gorgeous running trail along the Neckar with views of the Old Bridge.
 I fit in runs almost every day.  The street art was varied and impressive, although more often than not, in baffling English.
Seen on a run.

More adorable sights from a run.

Sunset from a roof garden restaurant.

So, first, I'd like to send a huge thank you to all of my clients who have been relatively quiet and calm this month of August.  I have no idea what's going on in the economy, but I sincerely appreciate the lack of pressure while traveling.  I found it very easy to complete all of my obligations in a couple of hours in the AM and another 2 or 3 hours in the evening.  The rest of my time was blissfully mine.

Next, I'd like to say that I had unfairly formed opinions of German food because I'd never really tried to find things that would cater more to my palette.  Turns out, in addition to deliciously fresh and authentic Italian and Greek and Middle Eastern food, Germany also offers some fabulous German foods I'd never given the time of day.  And I was wrong.

Finally, I'd like to thank the beautiful city of Heidelberg.  So walkable (note the jaunty walking man at the signals).  And so epically runnable along the river.
Love the jaunty little "time to walk" man.
Thanks, Heidelberg -- you did your job well.  Germany is now included in the multi-month European tour of my dreams.


Cathy said...

I was just in Heidelberg on Christmas. (I think it was actually even Christmas Day.) It snowed at the top of the funicular...

If you are still there, see if you can find any of the fairs they set up in public squares periodically. German fair food is an experience.

bt said...

@Cathy -- thanks for the advice, but we'd already left. Next time!

Arvay said...