September 14, 2015

A Real Running Week!

Oh, such a happy post.

Last week, E and I were working from Venice, California.

Every morning except two, I woke and headed out to run on this gorgeous beach path.

Unsurprisingly, the venue did wonders for my running motivation.  The weekly mileage total? 28.7.  But more impressive, most of the workouts were quality in one form or another.  Unlike many of my previous weeks, very little of the mileage was walking.

Instead, I did 5 miles sub 10 min/mile, plus two workouts with intervals totaling 13X2:00hard/2:00recover intervals with the fast bits in the 9s or 8s/mile.

I also did the slowest 7 miler *ever* averaging 12:32/mile, but in my defense, I had to stop at every public beach bathroom and take a drink from the water fountain and use the shower to get some water on my head.  LA was in a heat wave, and I was in direct sun with no shade at 90F by 9:30 AM, which I hadn't intended.

I took today off my feet, opting to cycle on a recumbent bike whilst reading Jane Eyre to try to finish it before the book club.  I suspect my running may be on hiatus until book club on Wednesday.  Even so, I'm excited about last week's efforts and the likely benefits of the speed and heat training.


Arvay said...

The only time I do under 10 min/mile is when Starbuck is pulling me. :)

My walks with the elderly ladies are up to 15-20 min/mile. They need to stop, sniff, ponder, blink at the sun, munch on some grass, pee on things, etc, etc. :)

bt said...

Sounds like we've come to a roughly similar arrangement in terms of speed and effort through our own very diverse means!

Arvay said...


Cat said...

That path is gorgeous, I've run it too. I felt like I was in a movie.