October 10, 2015

Last Week -- A nerdy date night & day

Last week's mileage totaled a mellow 23.76 including much walking/hiking and not much running.

Work was crazy.  Much to my surprise, despite a week working remotely from LA, I closed out September with the highest billable month I've done since I started my firm, invoicing 19 clients (which in terms of clients isn't too far off the average) but the hours for a few of them were crazy, pushing the total into somewhat ridiculous territory.  Honestly, it's a bit overwhelming.

Good, business and career-wise.

Not so good in terms of being committed to any sort of work-out regime.

Last weekend, E & I took a date night in SF at one of our favorite restaurants.  They brought us dessert to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our first true date.

After dinner we met up with SoCal friends at an Inner Sunset wine bar.  It was so great to see them and catch up.  I wish they lived closer.

The next morning, we did a truly nerdy thing -- we visited the Marin Headlands Nike Missile Site.  Every 1st Saturday of the month, the local vets come and give tours, so we were there for that, but we arrived early, dodging all the cyclists and tourists to hike a nice loop around the Marin Headlands Rodeo Lagoon from the visitor's center and with a few detours on the beach and bluffs for a decent 3+ mile hike before the fun.

View of Rodeo Lagoon and Rodeo beach from the Nike Missile site.

If you are a cold-war history nerd or into missiles, the Nike Site is not to be missed.  This is the only site in the US that is allowed to keep its machinery in good enough shape to raise the (decommissioned) missiles.  Very educational and interesting.

They pushed the missiles into place on these rails by hand.

Raised above ground, ready to be set to launch.

Almost at launch attack angle.

Ready for launch.  The 19 year old boys who worked these sites would sit in a concrete bunker and wait for instructions after they were armed.  Insane, really.
And with that, I'm caught up through last week.  This week, I worked my butt off and came to Alaska.  Turns out, infrastructure is a bit more complicated in Alaska than at home.  So, I'll update when I can, but in the meantime trust that if there's one thing Alaska has taught me, it's that California does not offer enough fried things on menus.


Jen said...

A very belated happy 15th anniversary!

bt said...

Thanks, Jen!