April 10, 2016

Sweet Exhaustion

35.57 miles this week. Closed it out today with 8 easy chatting miles at 11:31/mile average with E2 -- such a pleasure to return to long runs with my long lost running buddy.

Also included was the 2nd visit to the yoga studio in 2 weeks (yup, still sore for days afterwards) and a decent track workout (2X800; 400; 800; 400).

The rest was easy running and walking.

I didn't *quite* get in 2 runs longer than 6 miles, but the full mileage for track day was 5.58, which is almost close enough.

And now, I'm enjoying that awesome slightly sore, creaky, late Sunday post long-run and brunch satisfaction of a week well run. (Pun intended.)

Next week, I'm going to do my best to see if I can actually hit up my 3rd yoga class in 3 weeks (which would be a record for the last several years).  Other than that, I've got typical work ridiculousness, 3 days to finish the book club book (which I haven't started), a 2-day conference that will interfere with running, and a local 10K on the weekend to test my fitness level.   


Cat said...

That is solid mileage, I haven't done that many miles for ....ever? Nice work.

bt said...

@Cat -- I count walking in my mileage totals .