May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

E&I packed up pillows, blankets, clothes, and headed out in the rainstorm to brave the Friday traffic from the Bay Area to Northern California's Gold Country, where Mom and Stepdad are staying. (Friday AM's run didn't happen because while I don't mind running in the drizzle, it was actually truly raining, so I decided to call it a lazy rest day.)
Cozy Cabin at the RV Resort
We had a raucous night, alternating games of pool and ping pong.  My stepdad used to hustle for cash in his youth, so when he gets his game back on the pool table, watch out... My Mom plays in a ping pong league, and E confirmed that while his shoulder is doing well, it's definitely not 100% yet -- aka, she beat us all.  After the high effort games, we started a 500 piece puzzle and did about half of it before leaving it unfinished on the communal games table in the resort adult rec room.

Saturday, we slept in (waking to the sound of glorious rain -- so welcome in NorCal drought country) and sipped coffee.  Then we lunched with Mom and Stepdad at the awesome Christopher's Deli in downtown Grass Valley.  After lunch, E & I worked for a few hours at a local cafe before heading back to the rec room for more ping pong, pool, and puzzle work.  When we left for dinner, we had maybe 50 pieces left to complete the puzzle.

After dinner, we came straight back, elated to place all of the final pieces... almost.

Notice anything missing in the white lilies?
We searched the floor, the cabinet of lost puzzle pieces, and everywhere else in the rec room, but alas.  We were one piece short.  Oh well, it was a fun 2-day joint effort and a good memory, nonetheless. 

Sunday AM, it had finally stopped raining, so I headed up the hill with the goal of 3ish miles.  Elevation plus hills is no joke.  I found myself run-walking in less than a third of a mile.

But then I found the trail!
Just about when I was starting to get seriously frustrated with the incline, I hit the top of the ridge and found the trail.  It was absolutely beautiful, and thanks to the nature of the soil and forest, despite the 3-day rain storm, the trail was solid and easy to run.  I fit in a quick short one, but throughout it was one of those running experiences when I was just grinning the entire time.  How beautiful the world is!  How lucky I am to have a wonderful Mother, who lives, somewhere nearby, that happens to be so gorgeous.  Each of these blessings is so wonderful.

In terms of mileage, the week was all over the place, totaling 32.02 miles, with 2/3 or so jogging/running.  2 true rest days (if you don't count ping pong and pool).  1 day over 10 miles run/walking, but with the last 2 miles with E & a friend of his, both sub 10 min/mile (so *sore* the next day).  A decent track day (200; 2X400; 800; 2X400; 200) with jogging there and back to total over 7 miles. 1 pure walk day, 2 short runs with additional walking.  And no core to speak of.  I'm still on the fence about the half marathon in June but how the planned long runs go this week will make the decision for me.


Arvay said...

What a pretty trail!

bt said...

@Arvay -- right? I was so excited when I turned the corner and saw the gorgeous wildflowers.

Cathryn said...

I love those magic runs. They don't happen often but they're fuel for the soul.