July 17, 2016

Blissfully Tired and Excited

Lease signed Monday AM.  Drove niece to hometown and drove myself back the same day and started packing that night.

Packed, sorted, and discarded all of our belongings between Monday and Thursday while fitting in dinners and goodbyes with local friends.

Movers moved almost everything we own (and wanted to keep) to storage on Thursday.

Final cleaning and dump run, goodwill run, hazardous material disposal and shredding on Friday.

Keys to renters on Friday (after the free 36 inch and 20 inch CRT TVs of doom were miraculously taken from our curb at the 11th hour!)

Stayed the night in SF, dinner with friends, saw a play written by one of E's former employees, and started the first official Sabbatical day on Saturday with a 5K at the Chrissy Field Park Run with some of my favorite bay area runners (who I will miss while I'm gone).

5K was way harder than I expected.  It was overcast and cool, and I had hopes of 9:20 minutes/mile, but the lack of running for a week coupled with multiple days of heavy lifting and the headwind took their toll.  I finished just over 30 minutes (9:40/mile), with all 3 of the lovely ladies above coming to join me at the finish line as they caught up to my slowing effort.

And there it is.  We are officially on our year of adventure.


Jen said...

Glad I got to see you before your big adventure! Have a great time!!

Arvay said...


bt said...

Glad I got to see you, too Jen.

Arvay -- am I going to get to see you?

Angela Knotts said...

Good to see you! Looking forward to tracking your adventures! :)

bt said...

Thanks, Angela!