August 9, 2016


We crossed the continental divide into Alberta sometime two Sundays ago.  We spent a week hiking in Jasper and Banff National Parks, racking up a total of 33 miles of hiking at elevation including more than 2 miles of vertical climb.

The landscape in Alberta is unlike anything I've ever seen.  Every road bend brings a new view.
Caribou stopping traffic on the highway.

Athabasca falls.

Just one of many ridiculous views from the drive.

Glacier melt with so much silt it looks like milk.

Glacier silt filling Lake Louise (glacial sand beach).
Hike up, Tram Down, take 2. (Sulphur Mountain, Banff)

Lake Louise.


Arvay said...

Oooh lovely! I was there two years ago now! I do believe your "caribou" is in fact an elk. :)

bt said...

@arvay -- I totally believe you, and defer to your knowledge. I was going off the Jasper park brochure showing the hindside of the caribou and the patch of coloration that seemed to match up perfectly. But one photo of a hindside does not a proper animal identification make.

Jen said...

Super, super gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Arvay said...

It could be that caribou that far south look different from up here. But a caribou, whether bull or cow, should have a pretty nice rack by this time of year. :)