August 27, 2017

Post Eclipse -- First Real Week Back Home (SJRNR week -6)

I will never forget Monday's eclipse viewing.  I teared up.  Surrounded by 10,000 people including E's extended family, I reached out and held E's hand while we watched the shadow of the moon black out the sun.  I took pictures that did absolutely no justice to the beauty observed by my eyes (much like the video above).

Everything in my own daily world seemed a little less serious and important after the eclipse. And, I enjoyed the change in perspective.

Tuesday AM, I got up and headed out for a solo repeat of the hilly mountain loop: 3.14 miles @ 15:14/mile pace with >500ft of climb -- BUT, I was stopped by a local landowner on whose trails I was running for a few minutes of solar eclipse discussion, so the pace was actually much better than this.

We flew home and the bay area weather was GLORIOUS after the heat and humidity of the South.  Work is slowly ramping up, but not too quickly, which is nice, as I've also been focused on clearing family issues, home/yard stuff, and just generally crossing things off the todo list that I'd pretended didn't exist during the Sabbatical.  The week's work consisted of bringing on a few new clients, some meetings, some calls, and a few heads down legal projects.

Wednesday, I joined the track club for a nice workout in the overcast easy Californian weather: 
2 X (2X300/100 RI; 800) @ 8:04; 8:59; 9:12; 8:22; 8:54; 9:29 per mile paces.  Total mileage: 3.2.  This workout was perfect -- I was tired, but I could muster up 3.2 miles with local friends at the track, and I felt it the next day in a good way.

Thursday, 1.38 walk.  We hosted a BBQ and enjoyed hanging out with 20+ friends for the evening.  I should have gone out for an easy run, but couldn't motivate myself.

Friday, I woke up early and headed out for 6 easy solo at 12:15/mile.  Then, I packed up and went to SF for a day of client meetings, followed by some work at home and dinner at a friends' home 'til 10 PM.  I am slowly getting reintegrated into my old life, and fully-packed days like this are a perfect reminder of how wonderful it is.  

Saturday, I did a strength interval workout. 1 jog w/u; 3X 0.5 miles/3min R/I (Paces - 9:34; 9:49; 9:57); 1X0.27miles (10:52); 1 jog c/d.  I'd thought I could string 4 of the half miles together with the 3 minute walking recovery, but I was clearly wrong, so I called the last interval short.

Saturday was an awesome day of nothing planned.  It was probably the first day where we really felt like we were truly settled at home.  Enough of the must-do stuff has been handled that we were able to go out to a leisurely post-run brunch in perfect weather and just people watch.  Then I did an afternoon of 2016 tax cleanup.  I could have put it off 'til Sunday or sometime next week, but I poured myself some bribery wine and dug in.  I got most of the income entered and *HURRAH* it looks like I was overly conservative on my estimated tax payments, so we should be getting a refund.  After patting myself on the back for doing the tax work, I rewarded myself by cooking one of our favorite dinners.

Home-cooked Saturday night dinner outside -- gazpacho and mushroom risotto.
Sunday: 3.26 @ 11:50, stop at the restrooms; 3.31 back with a friend and her son, run-walking @ 16:49, including 4X30+ second sprints at sub 8/mile pace.

A solid week:  27.9 miles.  6 weeks left 'til RNR SJ, and I'm happy with where I am.  I'm looking forward to next weekend's 10K race to kick me in the butt and give me a better idea of my racing fitness.

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