January 21, 2018

Food, Food, Food (and some miles)

This week was super chill.  Lots of healthy food at home, 2 book club events (Pachinko A+, Bonfire B) and some decent runs.

Two of my favorite healthy dishes for dinner:
Brown rice tabbouleh-ish salad
Arugula/Spinach Saag
Total mileage: 21.83.  Much lower than hoped for.  BUT, very little pain and several runs that were local high water marks in terms of the amount of time spent at various paces.  Slowly but surely, it feels like I'm making progress.  And the current plan is still to drive up day of and do my best at the Kaiser half.

Half spicy, half original broth
As expected, the long run was the wildcard this week, and it didn't work out.  12 miles was the plan.  I headed out on Saturday AM in gloriously perfect weather and cruised through 5 miles at sub 12 min/mile pace before realizing that (TMI warning) I was having serious sports bra chafing issues.  It was clear to me that I could finish the full run, but that if I did so, I'd need several days of non-sweaty non-sports-bra recovery to get myself healed up enough to run afterwards.  I made the conservative call and decided to take the next detour off the trail and do 15X30s high effort strides with 1 min walking recovery home for a total workout of 8.5 miles.  Not quite 12 miles, but it included 7.5 minutes at speed with very little leg pain at all.  It was so much better of a cardiovascular performance than last week's difficult 10 miler that I just couldn't be too upset even though I had to bail on the full length. 

Post "long" run hot pot goodies:
Enoki mushrooms, pickled cabbage, 
baby octopus, shrimp balls,
house noodles.
We'll be going back!
So, now, after today's rest day of driving up to the city, brunching with friends celebrating their newly adopted infant, driving back, picking out the winter garden, and some lazy yardwork and puzzle time, the plan is to do the 12 either tomorrow or Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.

I opted for pickles, mac and cheese, and collards

In other news, a local company has targeted me for a position in-house that is interesting enough that I'm actually seriously considering shutting down my law firm and taking it. 

Updated Tabbouleh-ish salad w/feta
served alongside one of my favorites -- red lentil soup.
We're still in early discussions, but I pulled together a resume for the first time in several years, and they scheduled an interview for next week. It's very fascinating to consider all of the aspects of changing my professional life from the situation I've had for the last 8 years as my own boss (read: working remotely from anywhere in the world only requires my own approval) into one where I have only one (internal) client, a boss that is not me and probably wants my butt in a seat in a specific physical location most of the time, plus all of the benefits and drawbacks of working for a major corporation (yay: free gym and on-site food and drinks, boo: AM status meetings and probably lots of other stuff I've forgotten about since I left the corporate work force).  


Arvay said...

Wow that would be a nontrivial life change!

bt said...

@Arvay -- definitely! Should be interesting to see how it plays out in the next couple of weeks and where I finally land.

Arvay said...

Hmmm what can I remind you about working in an office? I guess "washing your hands with warm water" is not a perk for you. :) How about "catered meetings" and "post-catered-meetings grazing opportunities"? But then there is "having to look decent", and "not wearing the same sweater every day for two weeks straight". I do appreciate the camaraderie though. I'm on the I side of the I-E scale, but working all alone, indefinitely, is tough. :)

Jen said...

Ooh, I’m excited to see where this opportunity leads...keep us posted! And perhaps it would be possible to negotiate a day or two of remote work?

Also: mmmm, hot pot.