September 18, 2018

Baby Steps

I seem to be (fingers crossed) continuing in the right direction with my running goals.  Last week, I managed 21.47 miles on my feet, including a couple of workouts that made me grin.

The first workout that made me smile? I pulled off a solo 9 mile long run that was nice and slow and easy effort, right in the middle of my recommended easy pace (11:57/mile) and it didn't destroy me.  I did end up taking a 30 minute nap in the afternoon after lunch between client calls -- but I consider that smart recovery, not an indicator that I pushed it too hard.

Second, I pulled together a great strength workout.  I decided to join a friend who's training for the NYC marathon and hang on as long as I could during her long run.  I biked to the trail as a warm-up and she showed up at the predicted time ON. THE. DOT.  When L decides to hit a pace, she hits it!

This time, my ability to hang lasted only 2 miles (my hope had been 4...) but they were at 10:12/mile and we were talking for much of it.  So, since this is a solid tempo pace for me these days, I'll take it.  After I dropped to walk and recover, I added 2 X 0.5 miles at the same pace and then 7 X (1 min hard/1:30 walk) in the high 8s and low 9s.  Finally, I met back up with her and joined for the last 0.78 miles at 10:07.  I biked home and grinned at how great it was to spend time with a friend and get in a great workout.

I made it back to the yoga studio for an hour of heated yoga.  I fit in my 36 minute jumprope/calisthenics workout.  And I did some easy runs, bike rides and walks as well as my shoulder stabilization and leg stretching.

Overall, it was probably the most evenly balanced workout week I've had in 2018.  And (knock on wood), my left leg seems to be cooperating with this plan.  I'm cautiously hopeful for an improvement in my 10K time this weekend.    

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