October 22, 2018

A Half Marathon?

A while back, I put together a race schedule for the remainder of 2018.

Why not include more pictures of vacation in this post?
Korean Sashimi and Poke 
with Hawaiian Banchan including Macaroni Salad

At the time, I figured building up to a half marathon on Thanksgiving was a reasonable plan.  I'm beginning to question this.  Last week I got my mileage on my feet up to 35.6, which was a high for the year (thanks hiking in Hawaii!).  But the planned for 9-10 mile long run did *not* remotely happen.

The made-to-order menu at Iyasume Café
We definitely had 2 meals of musubi from here.
I headed out for it on Thursday only to rethink the plan for a run/walk of 5.32 miles.  Okay, no stress. I rescheduled the long run to Saturday, but then could only to do 6.04 miles at 12:41 followed by 2 run/walk and a short bike outing.  Yikes!  I pretty much cheated my way to 8+ miles.

Plane musubi and Onigiri
All of a sudden I find myself 4 weeks out from a half marathon and very concerned about my ability to comfortably even complete it!  Thankfully Sunday's short tempo with E was easier than expected as was today's conversational 5 miler with a friend, so I'm hopeful I may have just been in a post-vacation funk...fingers crossed.


Arvay said...

It is 9:30 in the morning right now, and now I want sashimi for a second breakfast!

bt said...

Sashimi any time of day is amazing.