April 17, 2019

16 years

I just tried and failed to post my 2019 books read-to-date post.

The thing I'd historically done was cut and paste from an excel spreadsheet into a word document and from there into Blogger where I'd cleaned up the HTML by hand.  But, over the years, this process had been getting more and more complex and frustrating, and today, I hit a wall whereby I just wasn't willing to do the work to make it happen.  I deleted the post.

Also, Blogger has to be headed to a non-profit-generating death at some point soon, no?  Personally, I've gotten so much value from this free service that I cannot possibly complain that after 16 years it appears to be breaking down in terms of offering a service that makes sense for me.

So, realistically speaking, my choices are:
1. Set up an old-school host-it-on-my-own-domain site and migrate everything to it.
2. Just call it as a 16 year experiment well run.
3. Something else.

I'm relatively allergic to #3 where #3 is moving to some other third party service provider who is also likely to go the way of Facebook, Blogger, etc. 

I'm definitely open to feedback -- please do let me know if you've found an option that works for you.
In the meantime, I'm doing lots of rehab to try to fix my pesky left leg and keep my shoulders in shape to avoid dislocation, and not getting in enough cardio plus eating/cooking extra healthy in an effort to compensate for the lack of activity and prepare for the reality that we're about to travel for 2+ weeks and we always splurge like crazy on food when we travel.


Jen said...

Having used both blogger and wordpress, I like wordpress a lot more. We can discuss pros and cons in person. Selfishly, it would also be awesome if you migrated away from blogger (but keep blogging, please!), just because I have a really hard time commenting from my phone.

bt said...

Thanks, Jen. My professional website and blog is all wordpress, and it does seem quite a bit easier to manage than blogger.

I suspect I'll put migrating this blog on my todo list and it'll stay near the bottom. I could just start a new blog and worry about the migration when I get to it, and that may actually be the way to go if I actually want to get anything done. We'll see.