July 7, 2019

Thanks and Goodbye

After much thought, I've decided to affirmatively stop blogging here.

A long time ago, a good friend and I were talking about our differences and we agreed that I prefer to kick things down and destroy them if I think they are no longer providing any positive benefits. (She preferred to mend and heal.)  When things are at a certain point of non-functionality, I prefer clear absence, void, and the freedom to create and change and grow into something new to the comforts and messiness of working with and through the old forms that could *also* be creatively evolved and modified into new things.

This blog has provided me with 16 years (or so) of free space to process my life.  By far the best part is that I've met and made wonderful friends I wouldn't have otherwise made.  I've recorded and processed my thoughts and observations at a conscious level that it would have been hard to hold myself to without a public place to do so (although if I'm honest, that forcing function has gotten weaker and weaker as time has gone on).  Also, as a result of this process, I now have a searchable archive of a very large chunk of my adult life, which is useful for reminiscing and solving arguments about "who, what, when?"

But, at least for now, I have to admit that the value blogging once provided to me is outweighed by other pursuits in my life.

So, this is me mindfully terminating this phase of my technological/cultural/social self.

And, in the spirit of gratitude practice, let me say that while the behemoth that is Google is questionable in terms of overall societal benefit in some areas (*cough* YOUTUBE *cough*) I am supremely thankful for the free platform that Blogger offered to me as well as all of the benefits I enjoyed in connection with it.

Au Revoir!


Arvay said...

I am sad to read this, but need to keep in better touch with you via traditional means. :)

bt said...

@Arvay -- agreed. I will reach out!

LJ said...

Darn. I just discovered your blog after you left. Super funny post from 2012 about racing in a trash bag!

Alex Jones said...
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