November 24, 2004

Productive like your mom

Well, it's almost that time of year again and since it worked reasonably well the last time around, I plan on keeping a ridiculous running schedule to keep me sane. Technically, classes aren't over yet, but all of my professors canceled today's classes in acknowledgment that most of us wouldn't show up regardless.

Given the free pre-finals study day, I planned on spending today in a familiar pattern: wake reasonably early, go for a long run, shower, burrito, and study 'til my eyeballs fall out of my head.

But, the stress just isn't there to make me maintain the level of focus that I most certainly need. Instead, my day so far has shaped up to look more like this:

8:00. Alarm. Snooze.

8:20. Alarm. Snooze.

8:40, roll out of bed and climb into running gear. Check temperature: 48 degrees? I can wait a little bit 'til it gets warmer, right? Catch up on reading some of my fellow bloggers, the news, email. Search for reviews of heart rate monitors.

9:20. Epiphany. Since I'm externing next semester, I won't have homework, except for one class. I'll have more free time. I could train for a race...

9:45. Finally convince myself that it's reasonable for someone like me to train for a half marathon in less than 3 months (the time between my return from winter travel and the actual race).

10:00. Print confirmation slip for the half marathon. E wakes up, sees me in my running gear and asks how my run was. Right.

10:20. Finish sending emails to my running-inclined friends asking if they want to join in the fun (or just some of my training runs).

10:55. 65 degrees out, and sunny. Finally leave for my long run.

11:40ish. Lose my way on the new trail and guess at how to get home. Keep running. Really warm at this point. Wonder if I was thinking straight when I was concerned about the cold.

12:18. Return from the run. No idea of my pace, because no idea how far I ran. Assume the best (when you are slow like me, and you got lost, and you hit stoplights, best case scenario is 7-7.5 miles in 83 minutes, it was probably closer to 6, but the beauty of not having a mapped route is that I can assume it was 8, at least). Pound water. Shower.

1:00-2:00. Go with E for burritos. It's a popular destination at 1 PM. Wait in a long line. Finally get burrito and stuff myself silly.

2:00. Begin evidence flashcards.

2:45. Call the fam to confirm thanksgiving details.

3:00. Call best friend who's unemployed. Catch up.

3:40. Return to evidence. Focus for about 15 minutes.

3:55. There are ants. The kitchen is disgustingly dirty. Impressed with my own ability to ignore the HUGE impulse to sweep and mop.

4:00. Check on E (who's working from home) and ask how work is going. Discuss ants. All of a sudden, I'm very concerned about being a supportive partner.

4:20. Return to evidence.

5:00. Go into the office. Check email. Blog.

5:20. Finish this entry. Plan to head back to the evidence book with the best of intentions.

Funny, after such a long day of work, I'm still invigorated and ready for more. I must be getting better at this whole law school thing.

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