February 8, 2005

The honesty fairy

Most of my favorite bloggers are very open with the details of their lives on their blogs.

Not me--I usually prefer to keep important stuff to myself until I figure out who I can trust it to. I think this isn't a common personality trait amongst the this-is-what-I-had-for-breakfast-today blog crowd (as opposed to the comedians or the pundits). And as much as I might prefer otherwise, I fall more into the excrutiating detail category than the other two.

So, in awe of my betters, I thought I'd point you all to transmogriflaw's discussion of Post Partum Anxiety (who knew?), which was inspired by Energy Spatula's arresting post about body image, and the amazing power that it holds over women. If a kick-ass female like ES has issues, then I stand by my long-held belief that all women have body issues of some sort. Some just hide it better than others. Perhaps a quick kick to the teeth is needed. Girls, think about employing the boot the next time an insensitive would-be complimenter says, "Oh, you look so great. Have you lost weight?"

Thankfully, I don't have any read-worthy issues that I'm aware of at the moment (ahhh... repression, it's a fabulous thing). So, I'll just say thanks to those of you who are brave enough to share yours and wish you the best.

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